SmartTreasury Webinar

How Banks Navigate the New Treasury Landscape:

A 2023 Retrospective and 2024 Roadmap


What to expect:

For: Bank Treasury Professionals, Liquidity Managers
Duration: 60 minutes

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of treasury management. In this exclusive webinar, tailored for bank treasury professionals and liquidity managers, we’ll delve into the factors that have reshaped the industry during 2023 and discover the strategies to respond in 2024.


Our guest speakers

Nicolas Nadeau, Senior Manager – Intraday Liquidity, National Bank of Canada
Mark Crowhurst, Financial Services Advisory, Baringa
Ken Lamar, Principal Partner at Lamar Associates LLC, former Senior Vice President at the FED
Pete McIntyre, Financial Services Director, Planixs


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Things we’ll cover:

  • 2023 Retrospective Analysis: A review of volatility in world affairs, continuing high-interest rates, and the March bank failures
  • Regulatory View: A discussion reflecting on regulator responses to the March 2023 issues and what this may mean for banks moving forward
  • 2024 Best Practice: Expert opinions on the necessary changes in capabilities, technologies, and platforms for treasury departments
  • Industry Leader Perspectives: A first-hand account from a seasoned treasury leader describing the technology and processes they have implemented and their future goals
  • Showcasing Excellence: What “good” looks like for a modern treasury department that can be responsive and resilient to challenges


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